Do this simple tweak to worry-free every year…

Do this simple tweak to worry-free every year…


Well, the other day I was doing a quick audit on my website and I found something I want to do long time ago.

It’s not really a big deal. But not doing it worries me. So I decided to take a quick search and found the solution for it.

If you’ve been building websites, then you must know this small tweak. Which is in your footer note of your company’s copyright year to-date.

So what can be done so that every year I don’t need to worry about changing the copyright note and always up-to-date?

Here’s what I did.


I’ve put in below HTML/JavaScript note so that it will display exactly like I wanted it to be.

<p style=”text-align: center;”>Copyright &copy; 2015

<script>new Date().getFullYear()>2015&&document.write(“-“+new Date().getFullYear());</script>

<a href=””></a></p>

HTML code explanation

Final result? Here’s how it looks like, with as a link.

Kphuah Copyright

So these codes can be inserted into your theme plugin, page builder, or anywhere in your website or blog.

If you want to insert into “Twenty Sixteen” theme, just follow below steps.

In your WordPress admin area >> Appearace >> Editor >> Theme Footer

Footer code change

I hope this simple tweak makes your next year’s 1st January one item lesser to worry about. Cheers!


P/S: Here’s my suggested software to perform HTML code editing >> Sublime Text 2


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