Draw Like Pro With AutoDraw

Just started your website? Need a logo?

Or simply if you need some prominent graphics?

If you’ve difficulties in creating these kind of drawing, no worry. Google has your back.

Recently Google released AutoDraw which can help you draw automatically. All you need to do is a simple sketch of the object, and Google will try to guess what you’ve drawn, then provide a suggested drawing to you.

AutoDraw – just simply sketch

AutoDraw is a web-based tool that actually predict your drawing, and recommend a proper drawing for you. It’s more like an assist tool than a drawing tool actually. But first you do need to imagine what you’re going to draw.

Example, if you want to draw a fish. You can just draw something like below:

autodraw fish

Then Google will provide suggestions to correct the drawing. You just need to select the one you need from the selection.

autodraw fish


And I’ve selected this.

autodraw fish

It looks perfectly, like a fish… LOL… unlike the one that I drawn with mouse!

AutoDraw is amazingly accurate. I’ve tried myself and it’s really proving it’s artificial intelligence (A.I) is very powerful. You can view my case study or review video below to actually see how accurate and amazing AutoDraw is.

Video link below:

All perfect? Not really…

As great as AutoDraw seems, it do has it’s drawback.

As of current version, we can only download the graphic as .PNG format. Even though it’s in transparent friendly format, we can’t seems to be able to remove the background. Furthermore, there’s no option to remove the background to become transparent as well. Which means, we need another graphic tools to help us remove the background.

No worry. If you’re great at Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Pixlr Editor there should not have problem. You can easily remove the background with the above listed software. (I can record other videos to teach you how to remove background, stay tune)

What do you think?

All in all, I think AutoDraw is really a great tool in helping us to create graphics. It saves time and energy. And also help those that not good at drawing… like me… LOL

Have a try. Let me know what you think about AutoDraw?


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