How To Make USD$ Online In 2017?

Some said 2017 will be a tough year.

Everyone is suffering and trying to make a better living. Not only for a normal 9-5 job employees. Even employers are suffering from flat economy or uncertain political situation.

So, why not make your 2017 ahead a better year than 2016? Is there anything you can do to make a change to your financial situation?

Well, you can still make some extra bucks online. Or even build a multi-figure online business by just utilizing today’s technology.

So here I’ve listed down 10 of the ways you can use to make some USD$ online in 2017.

1. Posting Videos On YouTube

Yes, you can actually make money by having your own channel in YouTube. Signing up, making videos, posting videos are all easy stuff. With your high technology smart phone, this will not be a problem.


You only need to create a relevant channel that target certain audience. Help them solve problems. Or even a channel that teach people something that they don’t know. Or maybe a public speaking channel.

So how you earn? By allowing ads to place on your videos. Each clicks of the ads will earn you some extra cash. And if they buy from the ads, you can even gain commissions. You can do this by just signing up the Adsense program with Google.

2. Become An Affiliate Partner

This indeed is a great way to earn some extra USD$, especially if you’re promoting digital publishing products.


There are plenty of products you can promote and earn commission if the prospects decided to buy from your link. ClickBank is the largest online retail outlet for over 10,000 digital product vendors and 100,000 active affiliates. You can find some pretty good stuffs to promote there.

Or if you’re interested in a certain physical product, you can just enquire if they have any affiliate partner program for you to join in and promote.

3. Blogging

Become a blogger will enable you to earn money as well. Of course you must be constantly publish blogs to gain traffic to your website. If you’re proficient in writing, it’s a good choice to go into this path.

Wordpress-example Blogger-example

Well, bloggers usually earn money through gaining commission from their affiliate links, as well as placing advertisement on their website. They can utilize Google Adwords, or create their own banners with affiliate links.

4. Facebook-ing

Social media has become more and more popular nowadays. And Facebook has been the largest among all. So why not utilize it to make some cash?


Yeah, you can create a Facebook Page for a particular niche. Feed some meaningful content related to the niche. Then draw audience to the page. Make them sign up or like the page. Keep posting and from there can start placing some affiliate links to gain some commissions. Offer them something to buy.

5. Create a video course

Everyone has something they proficient about. And by packaging what you know into a step-by-step video course can help others to learn something they don’t know. And there’s actually a massive amount of hungry learners out there willing to pay you for teaching them something.


Try tap into Udemy and create course there. And you’ll be amazing to see massive orders plunging into your Paypal account with just only 1 time of work. And it’s recurring!

6. Create e-books or audiobooks

Again, this is for writers. Publishing your book is no longer difficult in this digital era.

All you have to do is to write the content of the book. Then hire designer to help you with the book cover. Package it nicely and publish into Amazon book store. There are tonnes of hungry readers ready to buy your book there.


If you cannot write, you can even hire someone to write on behalf of you. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that right?

Audibooks has become popular as well. If you happened to create and ebook, why not take the extra step to convert it to become an audiobook. People will thank you for that.

7. Offer services to others

If you’re a professional in certain field, e.g. photography, photoshop, video editing, design, writing etc. then you can actually offer your service to others. Charge them a certain amount for the service that you provided.


There are lots of platform like and that you can utilize to offer your service. This can be done in your free time.

8. e-Commerce

This is the most popular method nowadays.


Basically you’re selling something through online and earn the margin over the cost. You can even sell photos! This is very straight forward.


You can setup your own Shopify store or even just place it in eBay or Amazon. If someone buy from you, you’ll get earnings. This is good if you own products or have place to store the inventory.

9. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another way of doing e-Commerce. You get customer to buy your published product. Then place the order to the vendor and vendor to ship from their warehouse to your customer directly.

This way you’ll receive money first, then you’ll find the lowest cost vendor to place the order.


You are earning from the margin between the money you received from buyer and the money you give to your vendor.

Basically you are managing the orders. Good point is that you don’t need to pile up inventory, and you’re receiving money first from buyer.

10. Email Marketing

Start to build your list by offering some irresistible content. Make sure they opt-in. Then layout a series of follow up emails every single day.

If they trust you enough, you can be sure to success rate is high. And they will trust your recommendations and offers.

Read some recommendation of the autoresponders in my previous blog post.

Final Notes

Although the 10 ways shared above are possible of making money online. It all comes back to your perseverance towards your goal.

If you’re serious about making a change in your life, then do something to change it.

It doesn’t matter if you unable to achieve your target, but in the process you’ve learnt powerful lessons on how to handle online business, and that is priceless.

May your 2017 be brilliant and fruitful. Happy New Year!

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