How to select winning products to promote?

Well, this question always bother all the affiliate marketers out there.

It’s been a year since I’ve started off doing affiliate marketing. I’m still very interested in internet marketing niche, as whatever products here eventually is useful for other niches.

Here in internet marketing niche, you can find a lot of useful products or software that you can utilize to help you grow your online business.

Not only that, you will see dedicated internet marketers and developers come up with new product and software to solve your problems as well in this ever-changing market.

You see, when I first started out doing affiliate marketing, I’m overwhelmed by all the various products on the market that I can find.

And soon enough I realized there are simply too much products and it makes me dizzy. I’m lost on how should I select a correct or winning product to promote. And which one will be worth my time.

Well, here I’ve compiled a list of criteria to consider when you select a product to promote based on my experience.

1. Select Your Niche

Well, obviously this would be the first step in getting involved. You need to know what is the niche that you are into. From there only you can find related products to promote. It’s not necessary that you need to select the niche that you familiar with. Most important thing is the niche better have a large number of audience or buyer. Which means that niche has to be high on demand and there are ready buyers.


Apart from the above, the niche has to have niche-related products to sell. Else it will just be a good-to-know niche instead and you won’t get any sales.


A good niche or product should: help others solve problems, or help others look good, or help others become healthier, or help others be more efficient, etc.

2. Select Your Platform

The platform that I mentioned here is which sales handler does the vendor use. There are various different platforms that vendor will use. For example, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, DealGuardian, ClickBetter, Infusionsoft, DigitalKickstart, ClickBank, etc.

You may choose those products that are on the platforms that you familiar with. This will help you easily identify how much sales you made, and also keep track on the transactions.

And beware of some platforms do have a minimum threshold before they can send you a paycheck.

3. Look For Renowned Vendor

If you are long enough in certain niche, you should be easily identify which are the usual vendors and how good they handle the launches. Select those products from them. You will be likely to get sales and guarantee to pay your commissions.

If you are still newbie, well you may ask around in forum to check on the vendor if they’re reputable.

4. Peep On The Sales Page Or JV Page

This may be the best way to judge if the product is good to promote. Established vendor will high-likely use ClickFunnels (or any other great platform like Igloo / Convertri) to set up their JV page or sales page. Compare a few vendors and you will be able to identify the professionalism of the pages.

Also JV page or sales page will provide you with great information to help you promote their product. Sometimes they do provide banners and swipes.

5. Venture On The JV Prices Offered

Renowned vendors or big launches normally will have large prices for top affiliates. The amount can be as high as $5k for top affiliate.

Minimum first prize needs to be around $1k to spell out a good product launch, as higher prizes will lure more affiliates to join, and thus create high buzz and traffic.

6. Check On The Sales Funnel & Commission Payout

Not to forget to check out the sales funnel. A good product should have a great sales funnel to help JVs to earn more commissions. Normally there should have at least two upsells.

You can select based on your preference. For digital products normally we will choose those > 50% commission.

7. Check How Many JV partners Joined

Big product launch will normally have a lot of JV partners. Check them out on the JV page. The vendor should already able to let you know who’s already on board. They want more traffic for the product launch as well.

8. Spy On Google

This is to check on how many affiliate marketers out there is willing to promote the product. The more websites result from the search, means more affiliates are competing with you.

Competition sometimes is good, in the sense you can leverage their work or you can spy on their websites. This give you a chance to create a better version.

Also, high competition means product is good to promote.

9. Check How Many Time Left Before Product Launch

This criteria is critical as well. If the launch date is too near, you will lose the time to complete your promotion campaign and lose to other competitors. Don’t select these kinda product, unless it is evergreen.

You must know based on your promotion method, how many days to complete your campaign/SEO/optimization/drive traffic. Then you select those products that is out of this time frame.


Finally, just promote using whatever method known to you! Be it paid traffic, free traffic, video marketing, email marketing, etc.

I hope you will find this blog useful. Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best in selecting the right product for your campaign.

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