Namecheap 17th Birthday Domain Renewal Offer

Just would like to drop this quick update so that you won’t miss out this amazing offer right now at Namecheap.

Yes, it’s happening right now at this time.


So Namecheap is a well-known domain name registrar out there. And today they’re celebrating 17th birthday!

Great 17th years of serving us by providing domain name purchase service, premium DNS server, quality hosting and much more.

Find out why I like Namecheap from my previous blog post.


Namecheap has been growing each year and today reached the 17th year. It’s not easy for a company to maintain the business in the great competition environment. But with great effort on marketing, quality service, great support, etc. Namecheap can happily celebrate it’s birthday each year. So this year, Namecheap tends to appreciate us as fellow supporters all the while.


The Treat

So here’s the treat.

You’ll get to enjoy 17% off on all domain renewals! Only for 24 hours! (end on 11 Oct 2017 23:59 EST). No coupon code needed, no limits on how many domain names you want to renew. Also no limit on how many years you would like to renew.

Yes, that’s right. No hanky-panky here. It’s just a great way Namecheap rewards their existing customer.


But they do have some conditions.

1. Premium domain names are not eligible for this promo.

2. Renewal promo price is not applicable for domain names that already expired.

3. Renewal promo price is applicable to only domain names that were registered before 10 October 2017.



I’ve tried to renew a few of my domains.

Yup, it’s applicable 🙂

Namecheap Birthday Offer

Or even you can renew up to 9 years… Offer still same…

Namecheap Birthday Offer 2


So why wait? Hurry up and renew your domain name at Namecheap right now!

Quick link to go to Namecheap renewal here.


Last note: You still need to pay $2.88 for WhoIsGuard every year. So if you’re okay with others knowing who owns the domain name, then you may select not to renew the WhoIsGuard subscription.

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