Recommended Tools For Email Marketing

“Money Is In The List”


If you are still new on the internet marketing industry, then you might have heard people saying “the money is in the list”. So what are they talking about?

Basically, the “list” is actually the email addresses that you collected throughout your marketing campaign. We call it leads. And lead generation is very important for future success in your online business.

So here comes the email marketing portion once you have enough leads. We use email to follow up with our leads on the latest promotion and also latest offers. By that way we can gain more exposure, more engagement and ultimately more sales.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, then an autoresponder is indeed your savior. You will be able to generate more affiliate commissions and also utilize the power of email marketing to gain more sales. If you noticed, product creators are now collecting leads as well before you can even access the payment page.

Below are some recommended email marketing tool or autoresponder that is doing good at the market. You should try one of it.

1. Aweber

If you are handling thousands of leads, and you are collecting all of it through internet, then Aweber would be a good choice. Aweber have the best deliverability ratings in the market for online lists. If you are using online opt-in forms, then this will be a good choice for you.


Aweber email marketing

Aweber provides email automation, various ready-made templates to choose from, and also mobile app ready. So you can setup your autoresponder, and you can still keep track while on the move.

Apart from that, Aweber provides you with free guide on how you can grow your business using email marketing. Check out below.


Aweber Free Download

2. GetResponse

Yet another amazing email marketing tool. GetResponse is on par with Aweber. Again, if your lists is somewhere near thousands, it will be essential to hook up with GetResponse.

GetResponse email marketing


Normally internet marketer will likely sign up for GetResponse because of the ease of use. Also, deliverability is high as well. There is a SPAM score rating for every single email/newsletter that you want to send, so that you know if your mail will go into junk folder.

Similar to Aweber, GetResponse also comes with autoresponder. This is especially useful for internet marketers, as they can preset the email campaign and let it run autopilot. I would recommend this if you have the budget.

GetResponse also comes with some useful tutorials for you to get familiar with the system, as well as useful tips on how to create your winning campaign. Check it out below.


GetResponse Free download

3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is probably the best for a 6-figure business due to its professionalism and powerful automation feature.


The basic advantage over others is probably the ability to customize the automation flow, segmentize audience, and only send certain mail based on the conditions set earlier. This will be very useful especially if you have a large email list.

And also due to its uniqueness, thus the price is higher. If you are looking for the best email marketing automation, that will still be Infusionsoft.

4. Mailchimp

This probably will be an alternative if you are in tight budget. Mailchimp offers you to collect up to 2,000 leads free of charge. And it is already equipped you with the basic signup forms where you can start to collect leads. Also, it provides you with drag-and-drop email designer to help you craft a winning mail to your list.


Mailchimp email marketing


Having said that, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of automation (autoresponder). But with just a small fee of $10/month, you get the autoresponder feature. This will enable you to create auto-response mail once new subscribers opt-in. Mailchimp will be a choice to consider.

Mailchimp especially works well with ecommerce site. You can connect your Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. platforms to collect leads.

5. Mailerlite

It won’t be surprise that there is a free email marketing tool out there that you can use. Mailerlite do offer you with free for life account to handle you email marketing campaign. What is amazing is Mailerlite provides you with autoresponder absolutely free. That being said, for beginners or those that just started to generate leads, you can try Mailerlite first before moving on to next service provider.


Mailerlite email marketing


For those that want to lower down your startup capital on internet marketing, Mailerlite would be good enough to collect leads. But bare in mind that there is a tracker for the open rate of you mails. If open rate is low or spam rate is high, then your account might be suspended.

Nevertheless, Mailerlite do allow you to segmentize your list of subscribers for easier management. This will prevent the above situation likely and help you decide which is your loyal subscribers.

As mentioned above, Mailerlite provide you with free autoresponder feature. And you may set up autoresponder for those campaigns that you need it to run autopilot, e.g. thank you message for signup or follow up mails on the offers that you will provide.

Only draw-back is that the MailerLite Team is very strict on spams. If you get banned, you can only say good bye.

6. Sendlane

One of the email marketing tool that’s owned and operated by three industry leading internet marketers and entrepreneurs. So they know you best on how important email marketing is to your business.

Sendlane email marketing

Sendlane owns a marketing automation similar to Infusionsoft where you can trigger any calls or action based on your subscriber’s behavior. Thus enable you to maximize your marketing performance.


There’s simply just too much competition out there for email marketing tool or autoresponder. So it all come back down to what suits your need.

Nowadays all these service providers are able to offer various features. Like landing page creation is just added for some providers. Some offer powerful automation features to help you segmentize your list. Others are just free for life to use, with limited subscribers. Also, API integration is available and you won’t need to worry to do manual job.

I hope you find the information useful. Let’s get started with email marketing!

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