Why I Need To Do Link Wheel


Today, let’s talk about link building.

So why are we doing link building?

This is so that we can get a higher appearance or relevancy on SERP (search engine result page). The more links from related niche website linked to your webpage, it means high likely your webpage is relevant to user’s search.

If you’re thinking of putting all the backlinks from various website onto a single main website, then think again.

Yes, it may boost your ranking for a while, but sooner or later it will fade out.


Because it’s not natural, and search engine will notice that and de-rank your page.

And there’s this method that actually works well for link building purpose and appear to be more natural.

This method is called building a link wheel.


The Link Wheel

Below is how the link wheel looks like.


Link wheel concept

You can see you have a main website (your page that you monetize) in the middle, and there’s various niche related websites which have backlinks to the main website. On top of that, the niche related websites (website X) will link to the next website X as well.

So in this formation, it creates a link wheel.


Why We Do It?

Link wheel is particularly useful to create massive backlinks to rank your webpage in SERP.

It basically mimic the natural link building way, and thus your main website will not be penalized.

Not only you improve the relevancy, it helps create traffic flow back to your main website as well.

Thus this method is widely used in SEO world.

Let’s take a look below on how website X article looks like.


The Article

They usually follow below format.

Example of article to build link wheel

You can see that at the beginning of the article, we usually put the anchor text with link to main website. Then followed by the article itself.

And at the end with another anchor text but link to next website X.

This creates a good link juice back to your main website with anchor text and also appear natural link to another website.

By this way, it will improve your overall ranking for the anchor text that you want to rank for.

I’ve tried some services in Fiverr and it works well for me. So far no website being penalized. I hope you can benefit from this method as well.

That’s all for today.


If you have any comment or feedback, kindly comment below.


To Your Success In Link Building.

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